Leon Bridges

18 September 2015

Hi there !

Today, my "Month Artist" chronicle will be about a very talented US artist called Leon Bridges. You may have heard of him on many radio stations. But let me tell you, this guy is gifted. 

With his old school soul vibe, Leon Bridges' music will take you away; literally. When I first listened to him, it was through his song "Coming Home", during a random encounter on on my favorite blog on internet. 

I had been first attracted to the softness of his deep voice, yearning for his lost lover. Then I got hit by the suavity of his words and the easy-going, a bit nonchalant way, he plays his music. 

Guys, you need to listen to this man even if you are not fan of soul or jazz music. There is something stricking in the charisma of Leon Bridges that would put you under his spell. 

Wanna know more, just go visit his website here!

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