Blue Is The Warmest Color

19 September 2015

"Love is all you need"
The Beatles

Hi lovely readers !

How you are doing today? Fine, I hope so...
Today was one of the last sunny days of September and I just felt like digging into my inner nature and go for a bold and bright outfit post!

One of my favourite movies is "Blue is the warmest color", a very delicate and beautiful movie about love, self-acceptance and following our guts. If you haven't watch it, you sure should do that as soon as possible.

Blue, indeed, is a warm color. Strangely bright and icy but very relieving to the sight. Quite a dichotomy, isn't it? 

I decided to style one of my current favorite pieces, my H&M A-line dress, in two ways: the Day/School/Work option and the Night/Date/Elegant option. You might chose which one you prefer. One of the thing I love the most about A-line dresses is their versatility. 

For the Day-Out version: 

I am wearing the dress with my old destroy Levi's Boyfriend TruckerJacket, bought years ago. I think I might have bought during senior year of high school or something like that. So yeah, quite an "indemodable" piece as we love to say in French. 

I associate with the outfit my favorite black Bershka Girl platforms. As I have said in an old post, they are comfy, stylish and cute. So, really, what else can I ask for shoes? hahah !

For the Night-Out version: 

I just switched the Levis's Jacket against my blue tailored blazer from Bershka. I usually love to rock this blazer on corporate occasions like a job interview, a career fair or a very fancy afterwork; but it can definitely be worn for a date or a elegant dinner for instance. Up to you to chose the best option. 

Stay inspired.

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Dress (similar): H&M
Jacket (similar): Levi's
Shoes: Bershka
Necklace (old): Forever21
Lipstick: M.A.C

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