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26 October 2016

Hello le blog! 
J'espère que vous allez bien. 
Comme vous le savez, je suis actuellement en Asie et j'en profite au maximum pour explorer les différents pays de l'Asie du sud est. 
Je suis partie en Malaisie tout récemment avec des amis et je voulais vous faire partager le petit paradis terrestre où nous avons posé bagages: l'Ile de Tioman. 
Petite île perdue dans le Pacifique, Tioman se caractérise par ses plages infinies de sable blanc, une eau de mer bleu lagon, un écosystème encore préservée et une nature de toute beauté. La population locale est d'une gentillesse et d'une hospitalité exceptionnelle. 
L'île est composée de plusieurs "villes" (des mini-villages) plutôt touristiques; donc si vous pouvez vous enfoncez un peu plus dans la jungle (#aventurière), vous découvrirez des petits îlots de paix et de beauté comme Juara Beach. 
En bonus: Des serveurs chaleureux et souriants, un jeune gérant, Kelvin, qui se promène torse nu de jour comme de nuit (et ce n'est pas un spectacle à manquer je vous assure) et une page privée juste pour vous. Le hamac n'attend plus que vous ! 
Comment y aller?  Il faut compter 5h de bus depuis Singapour (jusqu'au port de Mersing ou de Tanguk Gemok), 3/4h de ferry jusqu'à l'une des embarcadères de Tioman, puis 1h de trajet en voiture dans la jungle (ou 4h de trek pour les plus solides d'entre vous) jusqu'au village de Juara. 

Hey fam ! 
How are y'all doing?
As you may know, I am now living in Asia for a few months and I decided to take this one-time opportunity to travel around South East Asia so you will see a lot of travel theme post on this blog until next February so bear with me guys. Hope you will like them anyway :)
I had the chance to go to Malaysia two weeks ago and I went to Tioman Island with some friends. 
Well if you don't know Tioman Island, it is normal. It is a very small island lost in the Pacific: a heaven on earth. 
I was there for only 2 days and I just fell in love with the place, the people, the nature, the sea, the beach: everything. 
We book our Airbnb on Juara Beach and that was definitely the best idea we could have since most of the big "cities" of Tioman are pretty touristic. So if you want to have a more genuine and peaceful experience, you should consider going to remote place. You will enjoy more the beauty that Tioman can offer.
What to do there? 
Chill, eat and appreciate Life in a hamac on the beach. If that is not enough for you or if you get bored, you might consider doing snorkeling, diving, boat tours of the island, go on a trek in the jungle, explore the jungle waterfalls, swim in the Pacific Ocean. 
How to get to this little paradise?
Brace yourself, the trip is long and tiring BUT it is definitely worth it. I personally went there from Singapore with my friend. We took a bus that was supposed to take "only" 5 hours to get us to Mersing port in Malaysia, but we stayed in this damn bus for 8 hours at least because of an horrendous traffic at the frontier between Singapore and Malaysia. Lesson learnt, never cross frontier on a Friday night. 
After arriving to Mersing or Tanguk Gemok (ferry jetty), you might take ferry for 3 hours to get to one of Tioman jetties. And that's not it. To get to Juara Beach, you will have to take a local taxi and go for another 1 hour ride in the jungle before arriving in Juara Village.
Again, don't get scare by the transport time and difficulties because what waits you at the arrival will simply be a piece of Heaven. 


  1. 'Chill, eat and appreciate life inside a hamoc' Honestly, that has sold me!
    Seems like a lovely place! x

    1. Exactly ! What more could we need in life haha ? But, yeah, this place was truly heaven.
      if you have the opportunity to visit Malaysia, I would definitely recommend to visit Tioman Island. :)

  2. It looks like a fantastic place, I would love to go travelling through Asia one day. Hope you had a blast!

    Ioana xx // The Lunatour

    1. I had such a wonderful time on this continent ! I am not ready to even go back to Europe yet haha !
      And yeah Tioman is very beautiful and peaceful :)
      Thanks for stopping by !

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