Neutral Stripes

13 September 2015

"Love is a losing game"
Amy Winehouse

Hi my loves !
Hope you are doing good. I am afraid I've been very busy those last days. I have not been able to cope with my busy school schedule, my job and my weekly posts on this blog. But hopefully, things will get better.
What about you? Have you started all well you back to school/ uni/ college/ work or whatever, all well? I've been dying to go back to my Business School and gather again with all my very good friends. Friendship is so important to me and I just consider friend as family. They are such a precisous gift of life and at least, we have chosen to befriend them. 
For my "back to school" look, I decided to go bold and to try some stripes. Nothing crazy, you know me. Sticking to my neutral and black and white faves. Just some blue jeans to spice the whole look a little bit. 


I can say that this would be the first time I would be doing a total look consisting of pieces of the same brand. I love my H&M clothes. They are trendy and very affordable. I know this strategy doesn't always pay but come on guys ! Ain't nobody rich while being at school. Don't you think so? 


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Shirt & Jeans & Shoes: H&M
Bag: Italian local store  

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