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26 September 2018

Fight back for so long, baby, break on outta your chains
You don't have to aim to please, or be a certain way
Don't aspire to be what you see in the magazines
There's only one you, and one me
Dej Loaf x Leon Bridges

Hello le blog !

Long time no see. I am officially done with my second Master's degree in Paris so time to get some fun !! Not that this year hasn't been fun but I also went through a rough path and it has been one hell of a roller coaster. But I am steadily getting back to my senses.

One of the things I promised myself to do during my "unemployment" period would be to reconnect with the things I used to love.  So I decided to come back to my outfit posts on the blog, especially now that I have met another beautiful black fashion blogger in Lyon, my hometown. Her name is Emmanuela Milongo and she is incredibly beautiful and has a tremendous sense of style. You need to check her IG out right HERE

I didn't know what to talk about in this post, and then I saw this great movie called "Nappily Ever After" on Netflix today and I was like, oh, why not talk about your 2nd Big Chop then? 

Yes, as you can see on my pictures, ladies and gentleman, I cut my hair AGAIN. This time, it's not because of relaxer damages or unhealthy hair issues. I cut it just for the fun of it, simply because I am not my hair and one thing I hate is feeling caged. 

I was really excited when I started this whole natural hair journey. I felt liberated the day my barber chopped off my 22 years of relaxed hair and I came out of his salon, with my bare crane, feeling stronger than ever. 

Then my hair grew, way faster than I would have expected, and I was happy, ecstatic even, to see my little curls popping out of my head. But soon came the pressure to have a "length" and a defined "pattern" to be considered good hair. Mind you, I am more 4C in both front sides of my head and 3C/4A for the rest.

So I got tired, and I wasn't really enjoyed my hair anymore. It became imperative to make it grow. I was so over it. So I decided to let them breathe and cut them off again, 2 years and a half after my first BC. And boy, it feels good. 

I am really digging my tapered cut. It gives a very boyish vibe that I looovee since I have always been a tomboy at soul.

So, whoever you are, reading me right now, if you are hesitating about changing something about you and/or your appearance, don't let other people's judgments become your reality. Get yourself liberated fam!
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