Travel Bird | Ilhas Açores - Portugal

27 September 2018

Hello there, 
It has been a while. 
I come today to talk about a little island lost in the Atlantic Ocean I fell in love with last June.

I had the opportunity to do a 7 days-trip there with my company, in a typical circuit structure and the experience was truly amazing.

We were mainly based in Sao Miguel, the biggest island of the Azores Islands (Portuguese Islands). We did so many things worth mentioning, especially the boat tour in the Atlantic Ocean to see whales and dolphins was a magical experience. 

Nature is so well preserved in the island that you can admire different varieties of plants, tropical flowers, and breathe the healthy sea breeze in the morning or late at night.

The Island is also really calm so I don’t really advice it to you if you are looking to party hard every night. 


But if you like chill walks during sunny afternoons, meeting simple and welcoming people attending their everyday chores in cute little streets, exploring lost churches and admire the beauty of the islands from different belvederes, then you will fall in love with Azores Islands like I did.

Stay inspired.



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