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8 April 2018

Happy Sunday! 

After a long hiatus, I am back with a new blog post. 

I was in London two weeks ago for some work trip and I spent a bit of time exploring the nice side of this city. 

Not sure I would live there, but London is definitely a nice place for a quick getaway. 

So here a few tips on things to do in London if you are there for a few days. 

1) First: Accommodation

London is famous for being a very expensive city, especially for accommodation. I personally was staying at the Thistle Barbican Hotel, very close to Old Street in St Luke's area. It was a good compromise because with the Underground you could easily join the city center, being in a quiet neighborhood and still very close to the nightlife and very nice restaurant of Old Street Area. 

2) Cool places to hang out: 

a) Covent Garden and its cute little boutiques 


b) Notting Hill and its timeless charm


c) Old Street & Soho for their amazing nightlife

I wasn't there for a long time but I spotted one Korean restaurant that was really good, called "On The Bab" (amazing words play by the way 😀), another cool place is an independent Italian restaurant called "Jane Roe Kitchen" (90 Old Street, London), having delicious street food in Wembley area and a very cool nightclub called "EGG LDN" with two scene (1st floor is more Rap/Grime/Hip Hop/ RnB & 2nd floor: pure Techno/Electro).

And yeah, that's quite a lot already for a week in London. 

I had the chance this time with friends and to celebrate my 24th birthday there the weekend after my business schedule.  And it was LIT ! 😍

Stay inspired. 

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