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21 May 2018

I thank the universe 
for taking
everything it has taken
and giving to me 
everything it is giving
Rupi Kaur - Balance

Holaaaa ! 
I was in Dubrovnik a few weeks ago and I had to make a post about it. This city is truly a World Cultural Jewel.

The city itself is VERY touristic. You will literally be surrounded by crowds of tourists from all over the world and if you are like me, you will quickly be overwhelmed.

So make sure you walk around the old town center as fast as you can because it is worth the sight and then get yourself lost inside the walls of the city.

You will come across small and beautiful streets where you can actually have a taste of how local people live (all of them tend to avoid the old town center because of the mass tourism), cute coffee shops you could rest, dope places to take nice pictures and breathtaking view on the Adriatic Sea at the top of the walls.

At the end of the day (you only need 1 day to visit Dubrovnik: it is a very small city), take yourself to the harbor where a myriad of boats will welcome you.

There, take a seat at one of the restaurants or bars that surround the harbor and enjoy a beautiful sunset.
Stay inspired.

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