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1 June 2017

Hey there!  

I have been gone for too long. But I needed some time to enjoy my summer and organize my new projects. A lot of things happened those last months. Good and bad but like in everything, I tried to stay positive and see the silver lining of everything that came across my road.

I pursue my “travel bird” series and I would like to take you to Spain this time. I spent one week there with two friends and we sure did visit a lot. Our first stop was Madrid.

The city charmed with its elegant vibe. While exploring the old town of the city, I felt like entering the universe Carlos Luis Zafon’s characters evolved in books like “La sombra del viento".  

Madrid has something endearing and its inhabitants are sure welcoming. The city is full of cultural and historical hidden or well-known treasures like the Museo del Prado or the Royal Palace that are definitely worth visiting. For an art lover like me, Madrid was truly a blessing and what I sure regret is not having more time to explore even more the intriguing streets of the Spanish capital. 
Stay inspired. 

El Palacio de Cristal: a visual masterpiece in El Parque del Retiro

Art Break at El Museo Del Prado

Sport Break: the guys initiated me to the joyful & intense practice of CrossFit 😅

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