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16 December 2017

Hey fam!

Summer 2017, I went on a Scandinavia road trip with friends during two weeks. We rented a car and crossed the 3 Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway and Denmark). And it has been on of the most amazing experiences of my life. And I want to share it with you.

I am hence starting a series of “Travel Bird” post about the different places I’ve been this summer, and who knows, it might give you ideas for upcoming trips.

Today, I will start with Sweden and especially the beautiful capital of Stockholm.

What to say about Stockholm? Quite a lot actually. The first thing that strikes the attention regarding Stockholm is the incredible charm of the city. The city center that includes Gamla Stan, the old town, is not that big. But is it for the best since you can really feel the soul and the historical heritage that has been very well preserved throughout the centuries. 

While there, you definitely should visit the Royal Palace area in Södermalm also known as the hipster neighborhood. Take afternoon walks in the old town; try pastries in the small shops of Gamla Stan’s narrow streets; 

Stop at the different bazars that you will come across on your way; get lost in obscure jazz bars where you can listen to some hot blues music in the middle of the afternoon and watch some energetic 50-something twisting joyously on a tiny dance floor.

And if the weather is clement and sunny, go for a boat tour of the city: you will see Stockholm in a breathtaking perspective.

If you have more time after doing all these, go visit museums. There are many in Stockholm so you might find the one that suits your taste. However, I really recommend Fotografiska, the museum of Photography. I spent an afternoon there and it was simply incredible and truly fascinating.

Finally, my last suggestion would be to spontaneously try to talk to local folks. Swedish can be very reserved but when you get to know them, they tend to be the most refreshing people in the world.

I left Stockholm with a lot of good memories. I miss the quietness and the tranquil vibes of it and all the new encounters I made there. Definitely, a must-go destination.
Stay inspired.

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