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Hello le blog!
De retour pour une nouvelle Sound Crush. Cette fois-ci je vous fais découvrir un groupe d’indie-rock: Hyukoh.
Composé de 4 membres dont le chanteur Oh Hyuk dont l'anagramme a donné son nom au groupe,, Hyukoh font leur début en 2014, d'abord en Chine, avant de poursuivre leur carrière musicale en Corée du Sud.
Malgré le fait qu’ils soient encore des newbies sur la scène musicale indie, ils ont réussi à imposer leur style musical personnel avec leur 2e album nommé sobrement "22" qui suit un 1er album "21" qui était annonciateur de tout leur potentiel. 
Pourquoi écouter Hyukoh ? Parce que c’est frais, sans prétention réelle et délicieusement insolent.

Hey fam!
Greetings from Hong Kong tropical weather !
I am literally enjoying my stay in Asia: so many things to see and to do. This continent is fascinating for real.
Anyway, today, I just wanted to make a quick Sound Crush post about this indie-rock group I discovered during my stay in South Korea: Hyukoh.
Hyukoh is a four-member indie band that is currently hyped a lot in South Korea. I can’t even describe precisely what their musical signature sounds like but it is definitely catchy.
I am not even that much into indie or rock music (you know me: I am an RnB/Soul chick) but there is some particular charisma to Hyukoh music, especially the lead singer’s voice that has had me hooked since the first listening. Let me know if you feel the same way after listening to them. xx
Stay inspired


  1. I miss Asia, India to be specific.

    I had a friend who lived in South Korea a while back.

    Merry Christmas

    1. Hey there !
      Never been to India but a friend of mine did her exchange semester there and she fell in love with the country.
      South Korea is such a beautiful place. You should go visit there too.

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