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Psalm 9:1

Salut le blog ! 
Je m'appelle Olivia et j'ai une addiction au cuir ! Voilà, je l'ai dit et puis quoi encore? ^^
S'il y a une chose dont je ne me séparerai jamais c'est bien ma veste en cuir. Non seulement parce qu'elle m'a côuté un bras, mais aussi parce que c'est le vêtement le plus confortable et le plus versatile au monde. J'ai envie de dire, le perfecto en cuir est votre meilleur ami dans la vie. Ceux qui pensent le contraire n'ont pas encore trouvé le bon ! haha ! :)
Anyway, ce look est hyper casual. Je l'ai porté pour aller boire un verre avec des amis et je ne voulais pas être trop habillée donc j'ai mis un short taille haute, un top long (vous savez mon amour pour la superposition des pièces) et mon perfecto en cuir de chez MAJE que, j'avoue, je mets tout le temps. En vrai si je pouvais dormir dedans, je le ferais bien lol ! 

Hey folks ! 
How are you doing? 
Today outfit is pretty laid-back. I was about to grab a dinner with some friends and I decided to throw that look on. Basically, the only thing that "dress it up" might be my leather jacket from MAJE and those gorgeous burgundy pumps from Zara. You know my love for burgundy. 
I just associated a high-waisted short with a white sleeveless top and here you go baby ! 
What do you think about this OOTW ? Let me know in the comment section. 
Stay inspired.
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Top: Primark
High-waisted Short / Short Taille Haute: H&M (old)
Shoes / Chaussures: Zara
Perfecto: MAJE 


  1. That leather jacket is ! I didn't know MAJE... Is it a French brand?

  2. I love this outfit, especially the color of your shoes! I'm trying to learn French, so it was great having the translation there and being able to see how much I understood correctly! <3

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

    1. Hey Angelina ! Thank you for stopping by the blog. I am REAL fan of your blog and your artistic sense !
      You are right about the shoes. Burgundy and Red are my favourite colours ! :)
      And that's great that you are learning French. It always make me happy to encounter foreign people speaking French. <3

  3. Girl, I need your jacket and those shoes!


    1. Haha Louisa ! I am afraid I can't separate myslef from them. Especially the leather jacket ! lol
      But you should definitely check out MAJE Paris. It is a very good brand. Definitely on the pricy side but it is worth it. Especially for statement pieces like a leather jacket.
      Thanks for stopping by, girl ! XoXo

  4. Love the way you paired this.
    Short and heels love the look and the nude top with the side slit. Great look

    1. Thanks you Bunmi ! :)
      I tried my best haha ! :D

  5. Very cute look !

  6. J'aime perfecto cuir homme
    C'est très bon pour cet hiver



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