Sound Crush | Gregory Porter

5 August 2015

Hi folks!
Some artist once said: "Music is the door to Soul". And I truly beilieve in this statement. Being a huge Jazz fan, I am always thrilled to discovered new talents and to share them with you my dear readers. 

Today I am here to talk about Gregory Porter, an incredibly talented Jazz singer that I discovered few years ago on the soundtrack of one of my favorite series. 

Grammy Nominated singer and songwriter, Gregory Porter' style is something soft, subtle, quiet and incredibly elegant. With a relaxing voice, full of peace and good vibes, this musician leads you to a place where no trouble seems to exist. Like the sensation you have while contemplating a calm sea, on a nice summer afternoon. Something close to a deep relief. 

But Gregory Porter is not only about ballads and quiet songs. Some other songs have this modern and fresh vibes that you won't believe you are actually listenning to Jazz music. In this vein, Liquid Spirit - Claptone Remixes is a vibrant and surprising example, something between electro and jazz. Check it out: 

I am so surprised that Gregory Porter has not gained much more fame with his indeniable talent but I truly hope that people will get to know him more as time goes by. 

For those of you who haven't got the chance to appreciate the quiet magic of his songs, here is a few selection of my favorite: 

1- Be Good

2- Real Good Hands (I want this song to be played at my wedding: the lyrics are amazing! )

If you enjoy this selection, make sure to listen to his whole album, Liquid Spirit. It is a musical masterpiece. 

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