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Dear readers,
I have decided to initiate a monthly music section in which I would talk about artists, mostly from Africa, that I know through my research on internet or through friends' advice. 

This week I want to talk about Sauti Sol. I have discovered them last december through an article on FlashizBlack, a  French Afro-Fashion Blog (amazing blog by the way, go check it out !).

Creators of a new musical stream called Afro-Pop, Sauti Sol is this kind of group you are never tired of listenning to. They have a great musical sense and to make things even better they are hella gorgeous! So ladies, don't hesitate anymore and go check their songs: Sura Yako, Nishike (Touch Me), Awinja, Still The One and many others.

My Favorite one is Awinja which is a song written for all the mothers of the world. And everytime I listen to eat, I feel extremely nostalgic of my mum and it brings back very happy child memories.

Their last album, "Live and Die in Afrika" is a real piece of art with plenty of good vibes.So you should go listen to it  because they are going to make wonder very soon ! Their music is truly beautiful and soulful.
Love from Oli.

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