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28 March 2020

Hello my lovely readers,

Once in a while, I reappear on this blog and share with you something I liked recently or post a lookbook. (let's not talk anymore about my inconsistency 😅, but the COVID19's quarantine boredom is real so now I have zero excuse ahah, hope y'all are safe out there 💜)

Today, I am here to talk about a brand that I really love: SIKHA. It might not ring a bell to you yet, since it's very young and their first collection was only launched last summer. However, this is a brand you will NEED to know because it's gonna be huge! 


SIKHA basically means gold in Ewe/Mina, a Niger-Congo language spoken in West Africa, especially in Togo where Fanny-Joyce, the brand creator is from (and where I am also from, #Team228 yaaah).

The positioning of this fashion brand is simple: doing ethically made clothes by local seamstress in Togo and commercialize the beautiful creations worldwide. Dope isn't it?  As for now, the main market of SIKHA is Spain, since the creator is currently based in Madrid. However, the ambition is not only to be based in Spain and they actually propose a worldwide sale and shipping so no need to worries if you don't live in Spain. 


To know more about SIKHA and have a look on their gorgeous new collection, make sure to check their website by clicking HERE
Stay inspired and safe.



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