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3 December 2019

Hey loves !

I know you are gonna hate me for being so inconstent on the blog but your girl is strugglling with her time aha

As some of you may know, I went to Malaysia at the end of this summer and had my hot girl summer there. So many things to write and blog about that trip to be honest, but I am lacking time so I decided to make this post about the breathtaking Kapas Islands.

Usually described as a backpacker paradise, Kapas was for me the compensation plan for Tioman, another Malaysian island that I had blogged about 3 years ago and whose memories I was still holding close to my heart.  But yall know, all the heart wants is pleasure, and boy, did Kapas give me a good one...

I loved absolutely everything about that Island. The slow pace, the tininess, the great job locals have done protecting its ecosystem and marine flora and fauna; the fresh coconut; the delicious breakfast taken in the mornings faced to an incredible blue sea; the blue of the sea; the ridiculous sunsets and above all, the peace I found.

Kapas, much more like Tioman, rules are simple: relax, respect others and nature, and disconnect. So if you travel to Malaysia, I highly suggest that to make a few days stop there. 


1)    How to get there?:
-    The closer jetty is the Marang Jetty.
-    We join the jetty by taking a local night bus from Penang to Kuala Terengganu (it was rough and I literally thought I would die with all the bumps we came across on the road. So I wouldn’t necessarily advise it you if you like to be comfortable while travelling).
-    From Terengganu bus station, take a “Grab” (the “Malaysian Uber”, cheaper, reliable and super safe) that will cost you not even 10€ to get to the Jetty which is cheap for almost 1h30 of ride. Upon arrival to Marang Jetty, you can buy your tickets for the ferry/boat ride to the island or book it beforehand through WhatsApp.

2)    Accommodation?

-   You can literally sleep on the island for free if you are not afraid of mosquitos or other small friends bites during night time,
-   You can also camp for free on areas that doesn’t belong to ones of the Chalets that sprouted along the beach,

-    Or you can sleep at one of them (most of them are clean, affordable (depending on your budget) and comfortable). However demand is high, so make sure to book beforehand through WhatsApp if you can. My friend and I stayed at Kapas Beach Chalet 2 and paid something like 30€ a night for a room with a fan. The hosts were friendly and you can have a delicious BBQ there if you happen to be there on a weekend.

Last but not least, make sure to get some cash on you, no card payment is possible anywhere on the island.

And last but not least, RELAX & ENJOY your lazy days under the sun… 

Stay inspired.

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