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3 December 2019

Hey loves !

I know you are gonna hate me for being so inconstent on the blog but your girl is strugglling with her time aha

As some of you may know, I went to Malaysia at the end of this summer and had my hot girl summer there. Sooo many things to write and blog about this trip to be honest, but I am lacking time so I decided to make one post about the breathtaking Kapas Islands.

Usually described as a backpacker paradise, Kapas was my alternative plan if we could not make it to Tioman - another Malaysian island that I had blogged about 3 years ago - whose memories I was still holding close to my heart. But yall know, all the heart wants is pleasure, and boy, did Kapas give me a good one...

I loved absolutely everything about that Island. The slow pace, the tininess, its stunning ecosystem; the fresh coconuts; the delicious breakfast taken in the mornings with a priceless sea view; the blue of the sea; the ridiculous sunsets and above all, the peace I found.

Kapas, much more like Tioman, rules are simple: relax, respect others and nature, and disconnect. So if you travel to Malaysia, I highly suggest that to make a few days stop there. 


1)    How to get there?

-    The closer jetty is the Marang Jetty - we joined the jetty by taking a local night bus from Penang to Kuala Terengganu (it was rough and I literally thought I would die with all the bumps on the road. So I wouldn’t necessarily advise it if you like to be comfortable while travelling).

-    From Terengganu bus station, take a “Grab” (the “Malaysian Uber”, cheaper, reliable and super safe) that will cost you not even 10€ to get to the Jetty (1h30 ride). Upon arrival to Marang Jetty, you can buy your tickets for the ferry/boat ride to the island or book it beforehand through WhatsApp.

2)    Accommodation?

-   You can literally sleep on the island for free if you are not afraid of mosquitos or other small friends bites during night time

-   You can also camp for free on areas that doesn’t belong to ones of the Chalets that sprouted along the beach

-    Or you can sleep at one of them (most of them are clean, affordable - depending on your budget - and comfortable). However demand is high, so make sure to book beforehand through WhatsApp if you can. My friend and I stayed at Kapas Beach Chalet 2 and paid something like 30€ a night for a room with a fan. The hosts were friendly and you can enjoy a delicious BBQ if you happen to be there on a weekend.

Friendly reminder: 

make sure to get some cash on you, no card payment is possible anywhere on the island.

And last but not least, RELAX & ENJOY your lazy days under the sun… 

Stay inspired.

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