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15 August 2019 Rome, Italie

Ciao bell@s !

You read me well, this month greetings will be in tune with the destination I am about to take you: Roma, capital of Italy aka “The eternal city”.

I flew to Roma with my good friend Virginie to celebrate my 25th birthday in a chic and artistic mood. 

And which city better than Roma could give off both vibes so effortlessly. I was sure of finding Roma overhyped and a bit lousy, but I felt completely under the charm of this beautiful city, full of arts, melancholia, flowers and endless sunsets. Spring was definitely in the air…

I had so much fun there and could dream of a better way to reach the quarter of century, so dreaded by some, quite joyously welcomed by others, a bit bittersweet for my part… Overall, I actually left Roma with a lot of reluctance and I will definitely be back there to explore more of its secrets and enjoy a bit of its Dolce Vita.

                     Few things (a very non-exhaustive list) to do while in Roma for 3-4 days:

Museums: You won’t definitely be bored in Roma. Art and Museums is almost like religion for Romans due to the rich cultural heritage and the prestige of the period covering Ancient Roma to Renacimiento. As touristic as it may be, I really recommend the Vatican Museums (breathtaking pieces of art. You will be mind-blown !) and the Villa Borghese (but make sure to take your tickets online days ahead. You can only get in with a reservation or by buying tickets in advance.)


Spend half a day at the Vatican City: Explore the churches (Saint Peter’s Basilic is a must and make sure to visit the dome ONLY on sunny days).

Wander around Travestere aka Roma Hipster Neighboorhood, to see a more alternative and “real” side of the city.

    Try a good Italian restaurant: My friend invited me to a really good gastronomic restaurant downtown and I had the time of my life. It’s a bit on the pricy side, but it’s totally worth it (Ad Hoc) & Do a free walk tour: we did two different ones, with different companies and both were very good. Usually made by architectures or art historians so it gives an interesting insight on the city) ( OR

·         Go on a hunt of marvelous artworks in the plethora of catholic churches that were built all over the city. A must visit is the Church of San Luigi dei Francesi.

·        Have an Apero Spritz on one the rooftop bars of Roma (Terrazza Borromini) and admire a breathtaking view of the city before the sunset finally covers the eternal city of its warm veil. This blog can be useful to give you some good addresses:

·        Walk around the Ancient Roma ruins, located right in the center of the city, you can’t probably miss the infamous Coliseum.

·         See the Trevi Fountain (even though EXTREMELY touristic, it’s a beautiful work of art and very well preserved by the city, I was utterly impressed.) The secret is to succeeding in reaching the fountain as closer as you can get and throw your coins in the water. The legend says that those who do it, will definitely come back to Roma, so try your luck J

·        And of course, more than anything, have a delicious Gelato Break in one of the many ice-cream shops of the city. Try to avoid those located in touristic places and you shall be safe.

·         Go Party on Saturday night or enjoy a nice Sunday brunch or do both like we did at the beautiful The Sanctuary Eco Retreat (Via delle Terme di Traiano 4a – Roma, Italia), located in the heart of the city, a tropical heaven with a few tourists and mostly chill locals. We ate so good for their eat as you can 30€ brunch formula. I REALLY recommend that place.


·         Wander in Roma by night. It’s safe and super cute too.

So if you are in lack of ideas for a little getaway, you should definitely give Roma a serious try.

Arrivederci !

Stay inspired.

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  1. Italy is a beautiful country! You’ve beautifully captured the country’s beauty in these pictures. Good post :-) I'll soon apply for Italy Visa to visit this beautiful place!



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