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29 October 2016

Hello fam!

Hope you are well. I am officially done with exams at PolyU so I can finally focus more on the blog and post all the articles I wanted to write about my stay in HK and Asia in general. 
I will start with this one about 5 things to do if you come to visit or to live in the beautiful city of Hong Kong. 

1- Take a walk in Sheung Wan 😍

If you ask any local HK person about Sheung Wan, they would probably tell you that it is the most "Western place" in HK, which I don't really know if it is a good thing or not... But anyway, Sheung Wan is a beautiful district where I like to go for a nice walk alone or with friends. You will find there, many art galleries, quirky boutiques, and many street antique dealers. I really love going there to have a break with the busy Hong Kong and just to have a chill moment in the week. 
My favorite spot there is a coffee shop/bakery called "T-e-a-k-h-a" where you can have a delicious green tea cheesecake and a variety of local style tea (I am in love with their caramelized lemon tea)

The green tea cheesecake of T-e-a-k-h-a

A very nice contemporary art gallery

2- Go for a bike ride/walk along Tsim Tsa Tsui Promenade (preferably at night) 🎆

Because my exchange university is located in Hung Hom, I could easily go to Tsim Tsa Tsui by walk; and one thing I would usually do with some exchange friends would be to go for a night walk along the promenade. You will have a beautiful view of the city and its impressive skyscrapers, especially at night where they are all lit in different colors. You would never get tired of watching this spectacle! 

3- Ladies Night in Wan Chai (especially for girls) 💃

Ladies Night is an AMAZING concept I discovered here in HK. Come on, free drinks all night long for girls in different bars of Wan Chai and good music to dance along, what more can I ask for a good girls night-out?! 
My friends and I used to call it our "Wednesday night tradition": Going to Happy Valley for the horse race (I will cover this topic below) and then head to Wan Chai for a good night of cheap fun. 
Ok boys, I know, it is not free for you and God knows booze is FREAKING expensive in Hong Kong (in comparison with Europe per say). But, but, I would say I actually saw more guys out during ladies night than other nights. I really wonder why? 😝
PS: There is also a Ladies Night in LKF (the most popular nightlife place in HK) on Thursdays. I personally prefer Wan Chai. Try both and decide what you like the best). 

Typhoon Bar - Lochart Road (Free drinks for ladies until 1AM)

4- Horse racing at Happy Valley (Wednesday nights) 🏇

I was actually late to discover the excitement and craziness of Happy Valley horse racing but when I finally went there, I got hooked lol! How can you resist such adrenaline and exciting vibes you got from people that are screaming like mad people, cheering horses and frenetically looking at the screen in the hope of a (big) win. However, betting can really be addictive and you might end up losing a significant amount if you don't know when to stop. Just bear that in mind while going there.

5- Wandering / Shopping at Ladies Market (Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok)

Especially for people who are looking to buy some souvenirs for parents and friends, this place is good for you. You will see a lot of sweet middle-aged Chinese ladies selling different kind of things going from clothes to beautiful wood chopsticks. You might come across very random shopping stands, which is also part of the charm of this street market. Even the items are very affordable, you might end up with an empty wallet since the temptation to buy everything can be quite strong, but you should ALWAYS negotiate with your seller. They will give you a very good price if you are patient and tactful 
Advice: After negotiating a bit, if the seller is persistent, pretend to leave the stand and they will go after you and sell the item to you at the price you asked them for (under the condition that you offer is not a ridiculously low price). 

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