Christmas Eve

27 December 2015

"Sache ne pas t’enclore dans les frontières de la seule nécessité."
Jean-Louis Ravistre.

Happy Sunday !
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas party with your dearest. I personally spent mine with a good friend of mine and I couldn't help but make some pictures to celebrate the occasion. Here are some  pics of my Christmas Eve night.
I had a very good time with my friend who is from Togo too (#team228) and we spend the time discussing, laughing and remembering memories from the past. From time to time, I think we should have those precious moments with our old friends. 

Look Details
Dress/Robe: H&M
Shoes/Chaussures: Zara
 Teddy Jacket/Veste: Cache-Cache
Earings/Boucles d'oreilles: can't remember...
Necklace/Collier: Pimkie

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