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Hello fam!
Long time no see, I know I know, I just disappeared all of a sudden. 

Paris has been tough and my schedule super busy. But, my friend Marie Jo came from Switzerland to visit me for a few days. Being the amazing person she is, with a great sense for photography, I took her to a few places to have a nice shooting together.

The amazing SPOTR app took us to the Beaugrenelle Wall (Metro 10: Charles Michel stop) which is basically a beautiful light purple wall where you can take dope pictures. 

I was going for some look that would compliment the shoes I am wearing. Not the comfiest shoes in the world but like super SEXY. And guess what, they only cost me 3 pounds. Can you believe it, 3 POUNDS !!! I was overjoyed when I spotted them in Primark London.
A friend told me they look like the Valentino and it is true that the design is very similar to the gorgeous Valentino shoes.
So you know, your girl is broke, so finding cheap Valentino dupes was like a blessing aha ! Don't sleep on Primark yall, you can have nice surprises in their stores. And the result is actually fab so I will let you enjoy đŸ˜„

Stay inspired. 

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Bomber: South Korea (shop in Hongdae)
White Striped Pants: Bershka
Shoes: Primark London (Oxford Street)
Earrings: Claire's

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Snapchat: @spleen_beauty (That Ewe Gal)

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