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Hi lovely people ! 
You all know I am a real Afro gal ! No joke, I love my Afrobeats songs so much that don't even come and tell me that Electro or House music is the real sh*t. Hahaha !
Anyway, those last six months have been blessed with very good Afrobeats songs so I just wanted to share my jams with you guys and maybe you could discover a whole new dimension of African culture. Here we go!

1- Enemy Solo
This song is really dope ! I would have never dreamt that one day such huge artist like P-Square and Awilo Longomba would make such a nice duo ! I used to dance to Awilo' songs when I wad a kid. I am so glad he has not lost all his swag and still have a pretty decent sense for making incredible jam. 

 2- Down Low
This song comes from Ghana, our neighbor (since I am from Togo). I LOVE it. The beat is sick and the song is sooo catchy. I could dance on this forever and never get tired.  
3- GodWin
This song is  BAE. First, Korede Bello is such a cutie, I swear I can't ! lol Second, he has such a gorgeous voice ! How can you not fall in love with him. And this song has such a very positive message for a God believer like me that everytime I hear it, I am simply overjoyed. 
4- Pose
Since the tidal wave of Johnny, Yemi Alade has proven to be one the new talent revelation of 2015. She returns with a fun song named Pose where she basically tell us to enjoy ourselves and feel good about how damn gorgeous we are. So don't feel bad anymore while posing this selfie on Insta, okay?
5- One Life
This is not the first collaboration between Afrobeats Genius, Wizkid and the "bad" producer Maleek Berry. After "The Matter", they are back with One Life, a chill and good mood song about why we should really live our life to the fullest because we only have one. 
6- Fan Mis
No need to present Davido, the creator of Skelewu, the song that made Africa and the whole world jam last year. The kid is ambitious and he knows where he is going. He succeeded in making a collaboration with Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj's BAE, on this song. So if you live on Planet Earth, and have Twitter or any social media, you certainly may know that Meek Mill, the Philly rapper, has been currently under the fire of harsh criticism after he decided to go for Drake (bad idea, I know). Anyway, I love this song. It is catchy, fun and Davido doesn't seem to take himself too serious. Well, at least, to a certain level. Come on guys, this is Davido! lol
7- Suzy
I just love this song. Don't know why I feel so compelled by it but the beat is sick. Ghana artists definitely know how to make good music. And Jaycee is a truly talented artist.  I beg, let me dance oooo.  

8- Pelemo
Okay, this song is so sweeet ! I love Lola Rae and her featuring with Danagog, from the same label as Davido (HKN) is very well done. I want to be in love while listenning to this. And the video is really hilarious. 

9- Top Of My Charts
Another artist we don't need to introduce is our talented Fuse ODG, the father of the Azonto song. He made a come this year with a very beautiful album in which he sings he deep love for our Motherland Africa. It reminds me a bit of Sauti Sol's album, Live and Die in Afrika. Anyway, this songs is You just have to listen to it to understand what I am talking about. 
10- Applaudise
Last but certainly not least, our national lover boy, Iyanya who is back with another love song where he sings for the girl of his life. The only problem is the parents, especially the mom who seems scary as a dragon and doesn't intend on giving the hands of her precious daughter to a player like Iyanya. It is actually funny that the artist decided to play on his reputation of player and ladies'man in this song but the result is pretty funny and prove that he has some sense of humor too! 
If you guys have other jams you want to suggest me, make sure to comment down below! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my selection. 

Love from Oli.

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